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To the One who Lights up My Life, and Decorates My World with Kisses of Love. I cannot wait to be lost in your Glow!” Celebrate your Intimate Wedding at ITIS Suites. How A Small Wedding can also be Intimate, Romantic, Modern and Glamorous.

– Carol. Sunshine

Why does My Guest List need to be Small?

Create an experience that fits your style and would like to make precious memories of your wedding at ITIS SuitesCustomize by choosing from the Romantic to Modern to Glamorous.

Keeping My Guest List Small Make’s Sense?

  • Practical and value for Money
  • Due to the current limit set by the Govt, to avoid big gatherings
  • Helps you share your special day with people who are close and have made a difference in your life.

How to Create a Romantic, Intimate, Modern or Glamorous Small Wedding by keeping the Guest List Small?

  • Make an A and  B list.
  • Immediate Family
  • Close Friends circle
  • Limit Plus-ones
  • You have the right to keep your list Private
  • This is YOUR Day, don’t spend too much time over-thinking reactions
  • People will understand.
  • Provide them a link to the LIVE Feed

Tips to Make Your Small Wedding a Smooth Experience at ITIS Suites

Choose your Venue – Accommodating your Guests will no longer be a problem as there won’t be space constraints.  The Limit of 50 Guests makes it a manageable number to plan around.  Décor can be made perfect with the right Set-Up and Lights.

Build Décor around personalized details- Place cards and table settings to personalized and creative favours, having fewer people means having more time and money to make your big day a  unique experience for you and your guests.

Big Savings means spending it on what you wanted- A smaller and intimate list means spending on details you always wanted. Fewer guests allow you room to add more detail.

Plan your Menu- Make it a Dining Experience, this is your chance to let people taste your favourite dishes, the appetizers and entrees can be tailored to you and your partner’s food style. Create a spread your Guests will not forget in a hurry! Instead of focusing on how many you can feed in the set budget with a decent meal,  you can now provide 50 amazing unforgettable meals.

More time to mingle with your Guests- You can interact one on one with your Guests, making it a special time for both parties. Acknowledging the people who are special in your life.

Be present at the moment- This also gives you more time for dancing and looking into the eyes of your partner on your special day! With a smaller list, you can savour each and every moment of your big day. A small wedding means longer, meaningful conversations with your Guests, friends and close family.

Enjoy your meal with your Loved ones- Instead of taking home your tired feet, you get to sit down and relish each course that you so thoughtfully planned out for your Guests. At most weddings, the couple spends most of the reception time walking around and talking with guests. This way you can sit down and share your most special meal!

Personalized thank you notes-  You can genuinely thank your Guests, for participating in your Special Day with personalized notes.


Contact us and begin the process of planning the style that you would like to create and experience for your special day.

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We at ITIS Suites Bangalore have established a luxury brand of residences and suites. At its heart, ITIS Suites is all about offering unique experiences for discerning travellers. Individuality is what sets ITIS Suites apart from its competitors. From guests to team members to Suites, ITIS Suites is all about providing places where people can truly be themselves. After all, that’s the real luxury today

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ITIS Suites – Small Wedding Experiences.  Can be a Blessing, Glamorous, Modern or Romantic.

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